Google unveils all new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro

Could this be the Android flagship of the year?

Aman Ali

8/4/20211 min read

The world's biggest search engine has officially unveiled the all new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Google unveiled its latest flagship at a media-only event to get a first hand look at what is to come this fall. Google hasn't dived into the specs much as more details are expected to be announced in fall. But unlike previous generations of the pixel series, this year is a little special for Google as this is the first time they're positioning their devices along with other Android flagships from the likes of Samsung, OnePlus and so on. The biggest highlight? Both these phones come with Google's brand new custom SOC 'Tensor'

Here's what we know about the devices so far

Pixel 6 Middle East Pixel Pro UAE

Pixel 6

6.4 Inch Display with 90Hz Refresh Rate
Tensor Processor 
Wide and Ultra-wide Cameras 
In-Display Fingerprint Reader

Pixel 6 Pro

6.7 Inch Display with 120 Hz Refresh Rate
Tensor Processor
Wide and Ultra-Wide Cameras
4X Zoom Lens 
In-Display Fingerprint Reader 

Google Tensor

Google Tensor 

Tensor is officially the first custom built processor for the new Pixel line of devices bringing Google's rich experience in AI and Machine Learning to their latest devices. This isn't the first time an OEM has built its own SOC for their devices. Apple and Samsung have been doing it for years now. So has the likes of Huawei with their Kirin series chips.

There's no benchmarks yet but Google is expected to announce more details around fall.