iPhone 13 in 2021 or iPhone 14 in 2022?

Is it really time to upgrade your smartphone?

Aman Ali

7/29/20211 min read

With the new iPhone series releasing right around the corner, you all must be wondering whether it really is going to be worth  upgrading to the newer models? Well it all comes down to one thing, Screen Refresh Rate. 

You see, the iPhone 13 Pro series are rumored to sport screens with a much higher refresh rate. Something similar to what we witnessed with the iPad Pro's ProMotion display at 120hz. Apps are going to seem a lot snappier and smoother but that's about it really. It might just be that this year's model is just a minor enhancement to last year's substantial upgrade, the iPhone 12 Series. 

Which bring us to the 2022 iPhones. Rumor has it that those iPhones are going to be the most substantial upgrade in the history of iPhones. An 8K Camera? Possibly. Punch-hole display with Touch-ID? Maybe. Complete new redesign? Yep. That's where my money is at. 

If you are someone who loves having the latest and the greatest, upgrading to this year's iPhone 13 series is going to be a no-brainer. If you're sporting an iPhone XS or older model, then we recommend upgrading to the 13 series as well. However if you're still sporting an iPhone 11 Series model, we recommend you hold this one out.

The iPhone 14 series or whatever they call it will be pretty epic when they announce it in 2022. Just like every iPhone. Every Year.