When NOT working out is okay. Meet the new Fitbit Charge 5

Quite a significant upgrade that still promises a bang for the buck

Aman Ali

8/29/20213 min read

Fitbit has unveiled the successor to last year’s charge series, the all-new Charge 5. Packed with features from some of its flagship models, the Charge 5 could quite possibly be the most value for money fitness band out there. Expected to release this fall, here’s what to expect from the all-new model.


Fitbit ECG
Daily Readiness 
Stress Management 
Skin Temperature Tracking
7 Day Battery Life
Heart Rate Variability 
Breathing Rate
Sleep Score and Sleep Stages
Menstrual Cycle Tracking 
All-Day Activity Tracking
Cardio Fitness Level

So what’s changed 

EDA Sensor 
High and Low Heart Rate Notification 
Colour Display
Always-on display mode
Daily Readiness Score in Fitbit Premium 
Stainless steel case 

It’s finally here! 

Let’s face it, the Charge 5 may not have been Fitbit’s best kept secrets but now that it’s finally out be prepared to witness one of the most substantial upgrades to the Charge series since it first came out back in 2014. 


Starting off with the all new color screen that is larger and brighter than the previous iteration the new design sports a stainless steel case rather than a plastic one making it a lot more stylish and durable at the same time. The Fitbit Charge 5 has a more rounded look compared to the Charge 4. 

Daily Readiness Score 

The main highlight however is the new Daily Readiness Score feature which essentially shows you if you’re ready for your next work or whether you need to get some more rest. Although this does require a Fitbit Premium membership, it is still a pretty neat feature. 

Fitbit ECG (Electrocardiogram)

Earlier this year, Fitbit launched their flagship ‘Sense’ smartwatch which we considered as one the most value for money smartwatches to be launched this year. Now the Charge 5 is taking a few cues from its older brother by incorporating features like ECG, Electrodermal Activity and SpO2 monitoring. The ECG app in the Charge 5 allows you to monitor your heart health that can assess your heart for atrial fibrillation and even share the details with your medical practitioner. 

Release Date

The Fitbit Charge 5 is expected to release this fall and we’ll have more details once we get our hands on the review unit. Fitbit is expected to release more information over the course of the next few weeks but we do know that the Charge 5 will be available in three different colors, Black, Lunar White and Steel Blue. All Fitbit Charge 5 devices will be bundled with a six month Fitbit Premium Membership so you know you’ll be getting bang for the buck.