10 Tips to make the most of your trip to Expo 2020 Dubai

With the season pass being sold for only AED 50, this is your chance to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity

Aman Ali

2/17/20224 min read

We visited all 192 Country pavilions and Partner pavilions at Expo 2020 Dubai. Here are 10 Tips to make the most of your trip there

Tip 1 - Get the Expo 2020 Dubai Passport before your trip to the expo site
Expo 2020 Dubai Passport
Expo 2020 Dubai Passport

There’s no doubt this is the best way to keep a track of every pavilion you have visited. With over 50 pages that contain designs and pictures of the three thematic pavilions, Al Wasl Plaza, and other Dubai landmarks, this truly will be a souvenir to cherish forever

Get your Expo 2020 Dubai passport here

Tip 2 - Use the Free Expo Rider buses from all around the city. There are buses from every emirate  

Expo 2020 is all about being sustainable and using public transport is the way to go. The buses are free to ride from 9 convenient locations across Dubai but are also available from other Emirates. 

Just make sure you are carrying your valid Expo 2020 Dubai entry ticket

Tip 3 - Please ensure you carry your Vaccination Certificate or PCR Test Result 
Vaccination Covid 19
Vaccination Covid 19

The world is still going through a pandemic and we need to be safe by taking all the precautionary measures. Ensure you wear your masks at all times. The staff will check for your vaccination certificate or PCR test result at the entry point.

Pro Tip - Just flash your Al Hosn App for a speedy entry

Tip 4 - Download the Expo 2020 App. It has everything!

There are tons of events happening at the Expo 2020 Dubai site every single day. From concerts to workshops to street performances, the list is endless. To ensure you know what is happening, browse through the Expo 2020 Dubai app to see the highlights of the day. Who knows. You might just bump into your favorite celebrity. 

The Expo 2020 Dubai app is available on iOS and Android

Tip 5 - Wear comfortable clothes and shoes 

We recommend you wear your trainers for the expo. It might not be the most fashionable advice but we can vouch for the fact that they will save your feet. There’s no doubt you’re going to hit that 10,000 steps target so might as well achieve that comfortably.

Temperatures can get warm during the day and chilly during the nights so ensure you are aptly dressed to make the most of your trip

Tip 6 - Ensure you are well hydrated. The Aquafina Refillable bottles are your best bet

Once you purchase a refillable bottle from the Aquafina Drop Pavilion, you get free unlimited refills at all water dispenser machines across the expo site. The Aquafina water dispenser gives you options between still and sparkling water with tons of flavors to choose from. The best part, by using a refillable bottle you are saving the planet from plastic one bottle at a time.

Tip 7 - The best way to explore all the 192 country pavilions is by covering it district by district

No matter how tempting it might be to move to another district to check out a particular country pavilion, the key here is patience. Expo 2020 Dubai isn’t just about collecting stamps or taking Instagram shots, it’s about learning something new and being a part of the solution to all the problems the world faces today. |

Every country's pavilion is unique in its own way with tons of facts to learn from. Take your time. You have until the end of March to finish everything so have fun

Tip 8 - Eat to your heart's content because there’s no shortage of food options to choose from

With close to 150 spots to choose from, there’s no way you’re going hungry at the expo. From affordable healthy options to luxurious fine dining, the Expo 2020 Dubai site has it all.

Tip 9 - Hope aboard the Expo Explorer Trains for a sweet ride around the site

Best way to get around the expo site without breaking a sweat? Take a ride on the free-of-cost electric and compressed-air trains across the site. The train goes along a fixed route and is perfect for families with children.

There are stops at every district so feel free to hop aboard at your convenience

Tip 10 - Accessibility

Expo 2020 Dubai is all about being inclusive and ensuring everybody has a great time at the expo. People of Determination can enter the expo site free of cost and also avail themselves a half-price ticket for their companion.

There are wheelchairs and strollers available at all visitor centers. Four quiet rooms are also available to help soothe frayed nerves. The decompression areas are modeled after the dark sensory room at the Dubai Autism Centre to provide respite to people on the autism spectrum or those suffering from anxiety or sensory sensitivities.

We hope you have a great time at the Expo 2020 Dubai site! Don’t forget to click lots of pictures as these are memories you will cherish forever!