The Concept of Harm Reduction Was Central at Technovation, Philip Morris International’s Flagship Event to Convene Media to Its Swiss R&D Center, The Cube

Technovation brought together over 100 participants to explore a topic that is gaining prominence, particularly as it relates to tobacco consumption

NinjaMan Staff Report

6/14/20222 min read

Philip Morris International Inc. hosted its Technovation event at the Cube, its R&D center in Neuchatel, Switzerland. On June 14, media from across the world convened to engage in dialogue around the importance of technology and innovation in creating a better future.

Innovation, science, and technology have long been leveraged to improve the world. Examples include some advances that have become everyday basics in the lives of countless people around the world including refrigeration, which has helped reduce foodborne illnesses, and seatbelts and airbags, which have dramatically improved road safety.

PMI firmly believes that innovation and technology can apply to tobacco harm reduction. The company has invested heavily in research and development to, create new technologies, and develop breakthrough products that are a much better alternative to continued smoking for adults who don’t quit tobacco and nicotine altogether and can play a role in addressing a global public health issue.

Technovation provided an opportunity to hear from PMI’s senior leaders, scientists, and R&D experts, and provided an immersive experience that demonstrated how disruptive science, innovation, and technology are driving the development of smoke-free products.

“In 2016, PMI took a giant step by committing to focus our business on smoke-free products to replace cigarettes as soon as possible,” said Tommaso Di Giovanni, Vice President, Global Communications at PMI. “We are seeking to radically reduce the harm caused by our products—not through reformulation but through reinvention and replacement.”

Many years ago, the tobacco industry was challenged to reduce the harm caused by cigarettes. PMI accepted the challenge. Since 2008, the company has invested more than USD 9 billion in researching, developing, scientifically substantiating, and commercializing noncombustible alternatives that are a far better choice than continued smoking.

“Science shows us that it’s the chemicals produced by combustion that are the primary cause of smoking-related diseases. If we want to achieve the public health breakthroughs that society demands and deserves, we must follow the science,” added Gizelle Baker, Vice President, Global Scientific Engagement.

Stefano Volpetti, Chief Consumer Officer, PMI, added: “We know that a single smoke-free product will not satisfy the preferences of all adult smokers. Therefore, although not risk-free, a portfolio of science-based, smoke-free options—with different usage, taste, price, and technology profiles—is necessary to encourage more smokers to switch completely. The more options that are available to smokers who don’t quit tobacco and nicotine altogether, the more opportunities for them to choose an alternative, and through switching to it completely abandon cigarettes.”

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